CEN Recovery Blueprint To Learn Tools That Will Propel You Forward And Change The Direction Of Your Life And Loves.

If you want to understand how what WASN'T done for you as a child has upset all the parts of your life. Save hours on dead-end relationships. So you never again have to experience feeling constantly confused by other people. And, find ways to easily communicate what you need and want... then this is the most important home study course you'll read about all year!

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In this amazing home study course you'll get all the information my clients get in their first 3 appointments. AND - the resources are right there too. 


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  • See how you can easily understand how what WASN'T done for you as a child has affected all the parts of your life. (so you don't have to deal with giving away your time and energy to deadend relationships and emotionally tiring people).

  • Effortlessly find ways to communicate clearly to get what you need and want (so you can breeze right by having the same conversations with people over and over with no results).

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Who is Rebecca And Why Should I Listen to Her::


Rebecca is an accredited and recommended Childhood Emotional Neglect Practitioner with Dr Jonice Webb, who pioneered this research.  She also has 25 years experience sorting people's lives and relationships. Plus - she has used and refined this system for her own life.  She was around 44 when she decided to investigate why all the therapy wasn't quite cutting it for her.  It changed her life.  





But don’t just take my word for it, take a look at this:


Here are some of my clients who've benefited from my system.

The process was surprisingly swift, as each appointment led to a series of tangible breakthroughs within me, in my work, my personal interactions and, most excitingly, my love life.  She was so expert and deft at guiding me through, I was able to find and start living my truth.


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"She is incredibly intuitive, empathetic, crazy talented and supportive. She is the easiest person to be around...a safe, supportive anchor."


Champion Life-Changer

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  • who's confused by the relationships in their life

  • who is serious about getting practical solutions that you can use in your life and relationships right now

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If "Childhood Emotional Neglect Fasttrack Recovery Course" doesn't get you started with exactly how to understand that what WASN'T done for you as a child has affected all the parts of your life.... if it doesn't take you by the hand, step-by-step to show you that you no longer deserve deadend or confusing relationships... .... or if it fails to help you find new ways to communicate clearly so you get what you need and want, then you will receive a full refund, No Questions Asked!


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And Best Of All... You'll Start Seeing Results In 4 Weeks




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Don't miss this breakthrough home study course that will show you exactly how to effortlessly learn to love and trust yourself and your own judgement (so you can breeze right by knowing you are a great judge of character).



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Start your Recovery

The 1st three steps I take with my clients including worksheets and a swag of resources.  All without making an appointment. 

Swipe Files, Swag and PDFS

A $100 voucher you can use if you'd like to have me support you during your recovery.  You can have just one appointment - no obligation at all. 

WTF is Childhood Emotional Neglect?

A no-nonsense, easy to understand explanation of CEN and all the ways it might be showing up in your life now. 

All the types of parents explained. Which are yours?

Well-meaning but neglected themselves? Struggling? Self-Involved? A mixture of all three? 

Questions?  Please contact me via the helpdesk on this page and I'll get back to you in the next couple of days - AND - make sure you still get the cheaper price. 


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